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Novel, 200 pages

"Dracula Originem – Dragon's Curse" is the first Dracula novel written entirely by a Romanian author and has the purpose to correct, or better said to bring forward Medieval "Romania's" history and demote the myth as it is popularized by movies, TV series and books that deal with vampires nowadays. 

Even though it is a fantasy, this novel is unique because it blends fiction with actual history. The entire background that the story reveals is real. Everything is very well documented from a historical standpoint - the characters are real, flesh-and-bones people that lived during Medieval times, the various battles actually having place and the political context of the era being accurately described.

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"quoted from the book"

The city in which Vlad the ruler lived was impressive, with its thick walls and reinforced towers. The walls’ stones were as big as a squatting man, making Eli wonder how many [...]

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"quoted from the book"

More than a year had passed since Vlad had given away his kids, Vlad and Radu, to Mehmet, at Adrianople. He had travelled for two weeks, sometimes with tears in his eyes. [...]

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"quoted from the book"

The Long Campaign should have ended with a long period of peace. But there is no rule stating that a long war must be followed by a long period of peace. [...]

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