Collectible Pack - 1st Edition

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Deliveries are made only on the territory of Romania.
Delivery within 48 hours of order, anywhere in Romania.

Collectible Pack - 1st Edition - only 100 pcs. available. 

Designed and handmade in Romania.

Content of the Pack: 

- "Dracula Originem - Dragon's Curse" novel, English edition, 200 pages, 20x13 cm

- Collectible figurine (18x8x8 cm, Epoxy Resin) impersonating the main character of the novel that becomes Dracula. 

- Collector's unique registration code - see instructions inside the box

- Dracula Originem box, safe for transportation, sealed."

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"quoted from the book"

The city in which Vlad the ruler lived was impressive, with its thick walls and reinforced towers. The walls’ stones were as big as a squatting man, making Eli wonder how many [...]

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"quoted from the book"

More than a year had passed since Vlad had given away his kids, Vlad and Radu, to Mehmet, at Adrianople. He had travelled for two weeks, sometimes with tears in his eyes. [...]

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"quoted from the book"

The Long Campaign should have ended with a long period of peace. But there is no rule stating that a long war must be followed by a long period of peace. [...]

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