Quoted from the book 2

More than a year had passed since Vlad had given away his kids, Vlad and Radu, to Mehmet, at Adrianople. He had travelled for two weeks, sometimes with tears in his eyes. Vlad had a calm nature and a sharp mind, Radu was the younger boy who, he had just realized, he barely knew. Only during this journey did he feel like he was finally getting to know his boys: talking to them in the beautiful Serbian inns, among foreign languages, in places where he was welcomed like a Christian prince, with full honors. However, he didn’t feel like talking too much to the boyars and priests that praised them in front of the common crowd. What was there to praise, when he was going to take his children to the Turks? He was ashamed: he seemed victorious, but little did they know he was actually on his way to a great defeat.