Quoted from the book

The city in which Vlad the ruler lived was impressive, with its thick walls and reinforced towers. The walls’ stones were as big as a squatting man, making Eli wonder how many horses and what kind of winches they had used to get them in place. The monuments, the cities, the bridges and all of the great buildings left him breathless, all that man could create defying diseases, suffering and death. He saw people as ants, capable of building breathtaking things- things that would exist over centuries, people come and go, they move on, but the stones and imagination put into these creations were immortal. He felt so small when he thought about these things, realizing that he himself is but a bread crumb on this earth, a grain of sand, easily blown away by the first gust of fate. Next to him, with her spiky little beard, Maria was fascinated by a man who had taught a mouse to jump over a tiny wooden barrier that was moving up and down in a cylinder.


The castle was guarded by a few soldiers, going about their shifts with boredom, cracking sunflower seeds or having chats while leaning against the walls. The way they wore their leather hats, a bit tilted to the back, made some of them look a little tipsy.


They could see a large, thin tower, half reinforced with stone.

-          They call it the ruler’s tower, Maria said.