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„Only the strong are free, and they remain free as long as they are strong. Only the conquerer escapes slavery, and can save others, if so he pleases.” – Dracula

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Dracula Originem is a 100% Romanian project that brought together two young artists, a writer and a sculptor, that with the support of a small team brought back to life the story of "Dracula" from a whole different perspective.

"Dracula Originem" project brings together countless hours of research, historical documents, studies inside the National Archives, celebrating the legend but also bringing to life historic facts to create a closer to reality image of this out of the ordinary character.

“Behind every story is another story and so on, infinitely. The slave turns out to be the master, the master a slave, day turns into night, those who fight for God turn out to be disciples of the Devil and the biggest sinners turn out to have the biggest and brightest hearts. And no, it doesn’t stop. “ – Dracula

“Dracula Originem – Dragon’s Curse” is the first Dracula novel written entirely by a Romanian author and has the purpose to correct, or better said to bring forward Medieval “Romania's” history and demote the myth as it is popularized by movies, TV series and books that deal with vampires nowadays.

"Even though it is a fantasy, this novel is unique because it blends fiction with actual history. The entire background that the story reveals is real. Everything is very well documented from a historical standpoint - the characters are real, flesh-and-bones people that lived during Medieval times, the various battles actually having place and the political context of the era being accurately described.

Don't expect a lot of blood and violence, although there will be some of that. It's a "beginnings" story, one that deals with the human side more than with the demonic one. It's the story of a boy who tries to understand who he is and where he comes from. It's also a "coming of age" story, that has a little bit of everything - childhood dreams, romance, religion, demons, battles, and politics." - N.G.

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Collectible Pack - 1st Edition

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